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We Create Personalised Golf Gifts That Delight Your Customers And Promote Your Brand

Be Inspired. Be Motivated. Play Great Golf!

Our Focus Is To Promote Your Business To Golfers! You’ll Love Working With Us!

Our Story

Two entrepreneurs, one journal designer and a manic golfer... we’re Elise & Nathan Chanesman! We started Oneday Publishing to create something different for corporate golf day gifting. A unique personalised golf journal to help golfers master the mental game of golf, and for golf clubs and businesses to create custom bespoke journals for corporate golf days.

Empowered by golfers, golf industry professionals and iconic Caddie Steve Williams, we set ourselves apart by bringing you quality, stylish designs at radically fair prices. Our ultimate mission is to inspire you to play great golf and promote your golf club or business at the same time!

Welcome to Oneday Journals

The Golfer’s Journal

Moments of Brilliance

The whole secret to mastering the game of golf is to cultivate a mental approach to the game that will enable you to shrug off the bad days, keep patient and know in your heart that sooner or later you will be back on top.” Arnold Palmer

Professional golfers will tell you that golf is the greatest mind game ever invented. We hope this golf journal will be your personal ‘golfing memoir’, a history of where you’ve played and with whom and the memories you’ve collected along the way. Keeping a record of your best golfing days will inspire you to play more golf, stay healthy, and build a golf journal collection of your moments of brilliance while playing the game that you love.

Benefits Of Journaling

Journaling is making a big comeback. In an age where vast knowledge is available at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget how much wisdom can come from our own selves. There are compelling reasons to write things down. Journaling has positive effect on goal setting, planning, focus, productivity, and mental health. Especially for golfers!

Getting your thoughts down on paper helps you identify stress- inducing thoughts and beliefs that are distortions of reality. You begin to notice when you’re in a bad mood or when you overgeneralize with words like “always” or “never” to describe your experiences. Journaling about your anxieties soothes your nerves and helps you brainstorm for solutions to your problems. Write about a moment or two of brilliance and you’re sure to be less stressed!

Recommended by steve williams

“I highly recommend the Oneday Golf Journal. It’s an amazing tool for avid golfers and a valuable gift for Corporate Golf Day attendees.”  Steve Williams

We are delighted to welcome Steve to our Oneday family as our new Brand Ambassador. One of the most successful caddies of the modern era, having amassed 150 wins, Kiwi Steve Williams has worked with some of the golfing world's best. His first professional caddying stint was with Australian great Peter Thomson when Steve was just 13 years old. He later caddied for Greg Norman, and Raymond Floyd before joining Tiger Woods in 1999 – 2011. With Williams on the bag, Woods won 13 major championships. He also caddied for Adam Scott, who won the 2013 Masters with Williams as his caddie. He was elected into the Caddy Hall of Fame in 2014.

“The beauty of the Oneday Golf Journal lies in its simplicity... allowing you to capture your best golfing moments while focusing on ways to improve. I highly recommend you take up ‘golf journaling’... it’s a great way to enjoy your game while working on lowering your handicap. A must for every golfer.”

Design Your Own Bespoke Golf Journals

We are excited to introduce our new interactive Bespoke Customizer, empowering you to create your own promotional golf journals. We recognise and celebrate the individuality of each customer, so if you’re ready to get creative, check out the online bespoke customizer. It’s easy but if you need help, contact us.

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