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Article: No Joke! Your Clubs Have Personalities Too

No Joke! Your Clubs Have Personalities Too

No Joke! Your Clubs Have Personalities Too

When I first took up golf I was confronted with a bag full of clubs and asked my coach why I needed so many. “Each does a different job” he said “Like your employees”.

What struck me was the similarity between our four MyProfile personality styles and the four distinct golf club categories. One of my previous articles “Does Your Personality Affect Your Golf Game", explains personalities in detail, but let me refresh your memory.

The Four Personality Styles


Drivers are the go-getters, the entrepreneurs, ready to have a go, risk takers who see the big picture, live for the challenge, are competitive and want to win. Being the boss and in charge defines the Driver’s ability to tackle issues, solve problems and be rewarded.


Promoters are enthusiastic outgoing assertive people, with strong relationship skills, focused on promoting and marketing ideas, services and products. With a special ability to engage and motivate others, and keep energy high, Promoters are ideal when it comes to events, presentations and communication.


Supporters are patient, ready to help, resourceful, and work well behind the scenes. They are supportive, demonstrate empathy and take great personal care of others. Supporters are terrific organisers and make great diplomats. They are the rock on which enterprises are built.


Analysers are careful, risk averse compliant people who work at a steady pace ensuring accuracy and an attention to detail. Highly organised and focused on facts and data, Analysers use their expertise in a wide range of tasks where unemotional evaluation and consideration is required. They are logical, factual and inquisitive.

How Does ‘Personality’Apply To Your Golf Clubs?

Whist we can have up to 14 clubs in our bag there are four groups or types (just like our four personality stles). DRIVERS (including fairway and hybrids), IRONS, WEDGES and PUTTERS and each does a different job and has each its own ‘personality’. These four match Myprofile’s personality types.

DRIVERS are your starting club. Like any new venture Drivers are long distance visionaries, the entrepreneur of the golf bag! The Driver’s purpose is to get you closer to your target in one big hit than any other club. And like entrepreneurs, things are likely to go wrong when this club is used. Hitting the fairway is more risky with this club than any other. So the Driver is a risk taker, very much like many business founders. Despite hooking or slicing the Driver is never discouraged and bounces back at the very next opportunity, ready to strike again and attempt to hit the ball further than ever before.

WEDGES are like PROMOTERS. The flashy club, highly variable, entertaining, and lofty and can be used in multiple ways with either brute force or precision to land you close to your target. Wedges are often dressed up with fancy decoration, colours, and personalisation and have finely cut grooves designed to be appreciated with every shot. Wedges want to be noticed and applauded for their style and performance.

IRONS are like SUPPORTERS – the no nonsense club. They’re not flashy, they are consistent, reliable, go the distance without fuss. The job of the iron is to move you closer to your target or when in danger get you out of trouble. There are more irons in your bag because to get the job done you need to select the right club for each shot and distance you plan to go.

PUTTERS are like ANALYSERS, designed for one purpose and one purpose only. To put your ball in the hole. Putters are steady, slow, accurate, risk averse clubs. Built with great attention to detail, made to measure, perfectly balanced and designed to have the ball roll straight. The Putter is not asked to perform any other function.

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