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Article: Master The Mental Game Of Golf

Master The Mental Game Of Golf
Golf Journaling

Master The Mental Game Of Golf

Golf is one of the most mentally challenging sports there is. Golf is a game that is special and unique in that there is always something to learn. Not just in the game, but that can be applied to life, relationships and one’s mindset. The mental game of golf is a huge factor in any golfer reaching their potential.

The most valuable tool a golfer can bring to the course is a strong mental game.

There’s no question Tiger Woods took the mental side of golf performance to a new place when he changed golf in the early 2000s. Using military psychological techniques, he became mentally bulletproof on course. You may not get to that level, but if you do the work, you will get some big rewards. You can certainly begin with your body language and projecting an air of confidence!

“Golf is a game of emotion and adjustment. If you’re not aware of what’s happening to your mind and your body when you’re playing, you’ll never be able to be the very best you can be.” JACK NICKLAUS

Control Your Emotions

Poor shots are going to happen. Anyone who has played the game knows that. The key to success is not in eliminating our mistakes—mistakes are going to happen for everyone—but in controlling our reactions to those mistakes. One of the most overlooked parts of golf is the post-shot routine. It is there that you build memory that will affect future shots.

The worst reaction to misfortune is anger. That reaction all but guarantees that more poor shots are to come. Poor decision-making is one way anger manifests itself. Nick Faldo, once said, “Golf is not about the quality of your good shots, it is about the quality of your bad shots.”  What he was saying is that score is more affected by the penalties for poor play than by the rewards for good play. That’s important to remember.

Don’t Allow Bad Thoughts Into The Equation

There may be no area of life in which the phenomenon of the self-fulfilling prophecy is more common than golf.  How many times have you switched to an old ball before you teed off over a water hazard and then hit the ball in the drink? How many times have you stepped onto a tee box and said, “I never play this hole well,” and then made a triple bogey? How many times have you picked a bunker as a target, figuring your normal fade would carry the ball back to the fairway, only to hit one of your rare straight balls right into the sand?

One of the best ways to stay out of trouble is to not allow trouble into the equation. Don’t allow yourself to think about hitting into the water or the bunker. It will become a magnet that draws your ball in. 

“When you master your emotions, you master your world.” DR. GREGG STEINBERG, AUTHOR, THE MENTAL GAME OF GOLF

Keep A Golf Journal To Record Your Moments Of Brilliance

The techniques we suggest are incredibly powerful but simple tools thousands of golfers are using to improve their mental game of golf. The secret is to keep a journal of your successes. We’ve created this Golf Journal for you to record your best shots, let’s call them your ‘moments of brilliance’. It is based in science and positive psychology using golfing techniques that are used by top professional golfers and coaches. You’ll find many of their quotes and coaching tips featured in this journal.

After every round (or when you get home after golf) write down the three best shots you hit. Even in your worst round you will hit three good shots. Really commit to this and think vividly about those shots, mentally transport yourself there and play them over in your head like a highlight reel as you write.

This will reinforce those memories and have you confident quickly. These memories are your ‘moments of brilliance’.  Record them. Remember them. And repeat them over and over in your mind.  Throughout this journal you will find a special page after each game for you to record your Moments of Brilliance. Even if you’ve had a terrible game, there will always be one or two moments of brilliance for you to record!

Next steps

Like to try golf journaling for yourself? Ready to take your golf game to the next level?  Explore our Oneday Golf Journals HERE.

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